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The stunning 'mother of pearl'range,have a synthetic base onto which a cladding of natural 'mother of pearl' is applied.First the shells need to be graded for quality and colour segregated,then each piece is cut for its specific location to ensure even joint widths.Each piece is hand polished before fitting and the finished product is then lacquered for added prtection.These planters have a thick 'clad' rim,strengthening the top edge and giving a strong solid product both physically and visually.Due to the mother of pearl cladding,these planters are quite heavy.All planters in this range are fully waterproofed.

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  • 42 * 100 (H)

  • Made with a synthetic base.
  • Clad with genuine mother of pearl.
  • Handcrafted,polished and lacquered.
  • 100% waterproof suitable for indoor use.
  • Available in pearl white,Natural brown and black pearl.

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